Worse than WannaCry – EternalRocks is out there

A new network worm dubbed "EternalRocks" is making the news this week as the successor to the WannaCry ransomware. EternalRocks leverages some of the same vulnerabilities and exploit tools as WannaCry but is potentially more dangerous because it exploits seven NSA tools that were released as part of the ShadowBrokers dump for infection instead of [...]

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WannaCry – What to do

WannaCry Update: Everyone in the cluster will probably have heard about the recent Ransomware attacks on Friday and over the weekend which have largely affected the NHS in the UK (Although 300,000 infections in over 150 countries have been reported).  Those at exceptional risk are personal computers still running Windows XP without a critical patch [...]

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NHS Crypto-Locker – Microsoft Patch – Urgent

Patch MS17-010 NOW!!!   Crypto malware which has affected Telefonica and other organizations in Spain; and the NHS in the UK has recently been confirmed as being a fully weaponized version of the crypto malware "Wcry". As far as we currently understand this new strain incorporates active exploitation of the vulnerability patched in the MS17-010 [...]

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